Giving by Direct Debit



Giving by Direct Debit

If you have a UK bank account, please consider making a regular donation to The Chapels Royal, HM Tower of London, by Direct Debit.

You will find a Direct Debit Mandate form by clicking on the link at left.  Please print it off and complete it in hard copy.

The form is in three parts. The top half of the form is a direct debit instruction to your bank. There is then a section for your personal details and of the amount of the donation and which incorporates a Gift Aid declaration. The bottom part of the form is the standard Direct Debit guarantee.

The form provides that donations can be made monthly or at certain other stated intervals. Any of these intervals can be selected, but most are likely to prefer monthly donations.

The form provides for the donations to be made on either the 1st or the 15th day of a month (but not on any other day in the month).

Please add your email address beneath the postcode line in the ‘My Details’ section of the form. CAF Bank will use this to send a message confirming receipt of the instructions.

A Direct Debit instruction can be cancelled at any time; and the information on the form, such as your address, bank account details or the amount of the donation can be altered at any time.

If you are a UK taxpayer and wish the Gift Aid scheme to apply, please tick the box beneath the wording of the Gift Aid Declaration. Through Gift Aid, The Chapels Royal will receive a nearly 25% bonus for every pound that you give, by way of a tax rebate from HM Revenue and Customs.

If you are not a UK taxpayer, or do not wish the Gift Aid scheme to apply, please leave that box uncompleted.

When you have completed and signed the form, please return it in hard copy by post to:

Nicholas Goulding FCA,
Honorary Treasurer,
c/o The Chaplain,
1 Tower Green,
HM Tower of London, EC3N 4AB

It can be returned in an envelope marked ‘Confidential’ either by post or by handing it to a member of the Chapel clergy, to one of the Stewards or to a Yeoman Warder on duty at any of the Services.

Please do not send the form to your own bank, or to CAF Bank.

The form provided here is only suitable if your bank is in the United Kingdom, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man. If your bank is elsewhere, the Honorary Treasurer will be glad to supply details of how to make your donation.

Thank you very much indeed for your generosity.